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UFOs’ spook Delhi airport security, air force put on high alert


Security agencies guarding Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport have been put on high alert following the ‘regular spotting’ of suspicious flying objects in and around the airport.

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Air Force Gears Up for a Potential War in Space

Deborah Lee James and Gen. John Hyten


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Air Force is making preparations for a conflict on Earth that escalates into space, senior leaders said April 15.

Space systems are facing “advanced demonstrated and evolving threats,” Deborah Lee James, secretary of the Air Force, said at the Space Symposium. There is a potential for “hostile actors” in the domain and the service must “have a new mindset when it comes to space,” she added.

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Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

Edward Snowden, reported on the facts known to it concerning UFOs. According to the documents, which Snowden copied to the CIA, the U.S. government has long known that UFOs exist and are managed species more advanced than humanity. These species are not alien, and our earth, only more advanced. They live here for billions of years, and far ahead of us in development.

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Mass Alien Abduction ? – Doctors Can’t Explain Why People in Kalachi, Kazakhstan Are Falling Asleep For Days

Two years since a mysterious sleeping disorder in Siberia picked up steam, doctors appear to be no closer to figuring out why residents of a remote area in Kazakhstan are falling asleep without warning for days at a time, according to reports from the Siberian Times.

The ailment has affected hundreds people living nearby a uranium mine in the Kazakh village of Kalachi. The town’s residents fall asleep suddenly for a period lasting from two to six days and wake up with memory loss.

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Watch: Has an ALIEN been caught on camera in Salford?

Footage caught on camera and posted to YouTube appears to show an apparent visitor from another world in Salford

Do you believe in aliens?

Before you decide, watch this chilling video of an apparent extra terrestrial spotted in Salford.

The footage was caught on camera and posted on YouTube by a channel called Para Truthers.

Their description of the video reads: “Grey Alien caught on camera January 2015 in Salford, UK.

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Mars Curiosity Spotted Carved Animal Statue and Strange Artifacts On Mars

Down below image was taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity onboard Mastcam on August 31, 2014.

Highlighted anomaly in the first photograph looks like a carved broken animal statue to us. Anomaly has all the characteristics to define NOT just a simply rock.

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Crash Legends:

Those who study the UFO mystery are always asked for proof. And proof is hard to find. The enigma of UFOs is different than any other phenomena, and proof is elusive. There have been many reports of crashed UFOs, but most of these rely heavily on circumstantial evidence, and not solid, physical proof. Sometimes there are eyewitness accounts of physical evidence, but that evidence has been removed, lost, or stolen. Such is the case of the Aurora, Texas UFO Crash of 1897. The case bears many similarities to the Roswell Crash of 1947

Aurora’s History:

Aurora’s History: Because of ever changing railroad lines, and Texas highways, it is a miracle that the small town of Aurora, Texas is still there. And not only that, but it is a legendary “historical site” as designated by the state of Texas. Why would a small farming community get such a distinction? One reason-an alien spacecraft crashed there in 1897. At least that’s what the residents say, and what the newspaper reports claimed.

A Great Airship:

Although it would be five years or so before the Wright brothers would make the first controlled aircraft flight, this pre-flight era would become known as the “great airship” period in Ufology. Whereas many of today’s unexplained UFO sightings are assigned to conventional flying craft, that luxury did not exist in 1897. Anything flying that was not a bird, blimp, or balloon could be extraterrestrial.

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Nave extraterrestre cayó Colombia CaracolTV,cifrado final,cañon de chicamocha,agosto 2014

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UFO Sighted With a High Pitch Tone: Researchers in Puetro Rico Made Contact With Aliens (Watch Video)

An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe that they made contact with aliens, “beings from elsewhere.” On the 37th anniversary of the mysterious “WOW! Signal,” this incident they stated, had occurred.

In 1977, in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Joshua P. Warren’s team recorded a message and sent it to space from Puerto Rico and several other places on Earth. The message for an invitation of contact was sent into space in the SETI project and was recorded by George Noory, host of “Coast to Coast AM,” the largest overnight radio program in North America. What they then found was a remarkable discovery in the search for alien life; there was a sudden burst of radio waves that astronomer Jerry Ehman detected. He too was working on the SETI project. Ehman wrote on the computer printout margin: “WOW” and the name “WOW Signal!” was born.

After 37 years, researchers say that the same signal was detected again, and they believe that a UFO may have sent the signal.

Joshua P. Warren, head of the “Arecibo Project” and Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research Base, said, “We believe the UFO may have sent us the same type of signal that came from space, and was recorded by SETI, 37 years ago.” They had sent a message of contact into space for a whole day from Arecibo, Lajas, and other parts of the island, after which the signals were recorded.

He said what was surprising was the fact that it was picked up by a webcam microphone and not even a broad dish like SETI. “Our analysis thus far has shown it is essentially a demodulated signal from the WOW! Transmission turned into audio,” he said.


A “saucer-shaped object” had also been seen that went straight up in the sky with a high pitch tone. The footage is being analysed in Washington DC at the studio of filmmaker C. Eric Scott and the audio is being processed in North Carolina.

Warrens said, “After my 7 years of research here, the accumulating evidence suggests we may be dealing with a new form of life in Puerto Rico. Sometimes huge, and sometimes small drones, I believe these beings could be a highly-advanced, extremely sleek and efficient organic/electronic hybrid.”

He said that they have probably evolved much longer than humans, and are now capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel, seeming to pop in and out of our visible dimensions almost instantly.

He also stated that the beings may be sensitive to human thought and often engage with highly focused human beings. “We don’t know their ultimate agenda, but if it were detrimental to humans, we’d likely have been harmed by now,” he said.

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