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UFO Sighted With a High Pitch Tone: Researchers in Puetro Rico Made Contact With Aliens (Watch Video)

An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe that they made contact with aliens, “beings from elsewhere.” On the 37th anniversary of the mysterious “WOW! Signal,” this incident they stated, had occurred.

In 1977, in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Joshua P. Warren’s team recorded a message and sent it to space from Puerto Rico and several other places on Earth. The message for an invitation of contact was sent into space in the SETI project and was recorded by George Noory, host of “Coast to Coast AM,” the largest overnight radio program in North America. What they then found was a remarkable discovery in the search for alien life; there was a sudden burst of radio waves that astronomer Jerry Ehman detected. He too was working on the SETI project. Ehman wrote on the computer printout margin: “WOW” and the name “WOW Signal!” was born.

After 37 years, researchers say that the same signal was detected again, and they believe that a UFO may have sent the signal.

Joshua P. Warren, head of the “Arecibo Project” and Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research Base, said, “We believe the UFO may have sent us the same type of signal that came from space, and was recorded by SETI, 37 years ago.” They had sent a message of contact into space for a whole day from Arecibo, Lajas, and other parts of the island, after which the signals were recorded.

He said what was surprising was the fact that it was picked up by a webcam microphone and not even a broad dish like SETI. “Our analysis thus far has shown it is essentially a demodulated signal from the WOW! Transmission turned into audio,” he said.


A “saucer-shaped object” had also been seen that went straight up in the sky with a high pitch tone. The footage is being analysed in Washington DC at the studio of filmmaker C. Eric Scott and the audio is being processed in North Carolina.

Warrens said, “After my 7 years of research here, the accumulating evidence suggests we may be dealing with a new form of life in Puerto Rico. Sometimes huge, and sometimes small drones, I believe these beings could be a highly-advanced, extremely sleek and efficient organic/electronic hybrid.”

He said that they have probably evolved much longer than humans, and are now capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel, seeming to pop in and out of our visible dimensions almost instantly.

He also stated that the beings may be sensitive to human thought and often engage with highly focused human beings. “We don’t know their ultimate agenda, but if it were detrimental to humans, we’d likely have been harmed by now,” he said.

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Shocking Witness Recounts Seeing ‘Top Secret’ UFO/Alien Records at McClellan Air Force Base (Video)

David Armstrong makes a stunning claim that his aunt worked for a top secret UFO records library at McClellan Air Force Base. When David was in his 20′s, he went to visit her and knowing he had an interest in the subject, says his aunt allowed him to go through the files there. In this video, we get an insider view of this encounter and what he says he saw in those files and rooms and Armstrong recounts what he claims to have seen in those files, including images of extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien beings.





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Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots

Aliens have landed, infiltrated British nuclear missile sites and deactivated the weapons, according to US military pilots

The beings have repeated their efforts in the US and have been active since 1948, the men said, and accused the respective governments of trying to keep the information secret.

The unlikely claims were compiled by six former US airmen and another member of the military who interviewed or researched the evidence of 120 ex-military personnel.

The information they have collected suggests that aliens could have landed on Earth as recently as seven years ago.

The men’s aim is to press the two governments to recognise the long-standing extra-terrestrial visits as fact.

They are to be presented on Monday 27 September at a meeting in Washington.

One of the men, Capt Robert Salas, said: “The US Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.”

He said said he witnessed such an event first-hand on March 16, 1967, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana which housed Minuteman nuclear missiles.

Capt Salas continued: “I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site.

“The missiles shut down – 10 Minuteman missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There’s a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they’re not from planet Earth.”

Others claim to have seen similar activity in the UK.

Col Charles Halt said he saw a UFO at the former military base RAF Bentwaters, near Ipswich, 30 years ago, during which he saw beams of light fired into the base then heard on the military radio that aliens had landed inside the nuclear storage area.

He said: “I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted – both then and now – to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practised methods of disinformation.”

The site was then the base of the US 81st Tactical Fighter Wing.

Capt Bruce Fenstermacher, a former US Air Force officer, also claims he saw a cigar-shaped UFO hovering above a nuclear base in Wyoming in 1976..[fonte]

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The Incident OVNI: Betty et Barney Hill

The Incident OVNI est un téléfilm de John G. Fuller qui raconte la vraie histoire de Betty et Barney Hill qui, après avoir observé un ovni une nuit de septembre 1961, durent faire appel à l’hypnose pour recouvrer leurs souvenirs.

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UFO Crash Recovery

A former Army Sergeant, Clifford claims the US Government had tried to suppress what he actually saw one strange day in Pennsylvania, back in 1969.  Below you will find a recent interview with Stone.  


Stone says, “I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some of these were alive,” he said. “While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it. We were telling the world there was nothing to it,”


“You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference. “


Stone claims to have cataloged 57 different species of alien life forms.


Photos showing an alleged alien blinking.  


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UFO Pursued Family Along Road Then Attacked Car


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The Gulf Breeze, Florida UFOs

of the many accounts of UFO sightings, photographs, and videos, the sensational reports that originated in Gulf Breeze, Florida are some of the most controversial. Gulf Breeze was a small city of approximately 6,000 at the time of the wave of sightings that began in the winter of 1987.

News of UFO photos par excellence spread rapidly and far, becoming a world-wide sensation, and the subject of a plethora of newspaper and magazine articles, television talk shows, and feature programs.

Though many sighted the elusive flying craft and snapped photographs of the glowing lights, the majority of attention was on one Edward Walters, a local building contractor. According to Walters, the sightings began on November 11, 1987. He was working late that night when his attention was drawn to a light coming from his yard.

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Cosmonaut Marina Popovich Discloses What Russia Knows About UFO’s

Colonel Marina Popovich

After the changes that occurred in Russia all kinds of things went on sale. The KGB files were sold in their entirety to Yale University, and two U.S. film companies bought the rights to the KGB UFO files. Soviet scientists and cosmonauts also came forward with what they knew. One of the most famous is Colonel Marina Popovich.

In 1990 Colonel Marina Popovich hero of the Soviet Union, who holds 102 world records held a press conference in San Francisco at the Russian Consulate. During the conference she showed amazing photographs of cigar-shaped alien craft in space that were each, fifteen miles long. The photos were taken by a Russian space, probe which mysteriously stopped working, then disappeared completely, shortly after taking the photographs.

Col. Popovich has flown every kind of aircraft there is in the Soviet Union, from large transport planes to MIG-21s. She holds ninety flight records. She’s even been called the Chuck Yeager of the Soviet Union. Popovich has a Ph.D. in technical sciences and her focus now is to get the truth about the existence of flying saucers out to the public.

Here are some of the things she has to say about flying saucers:

  • Soviet satellites have taken photographs of flying saucers.
  • Soviet scientists have concluded that flying saucers have been around for as long as our planet.
  • Popovich has seen photographs of alien / human hybrid children.

Colonel Marina Popovich

Ms. Popovich, who maintained she was not punished nor censored by the Russian military or authorities when she reported her UFO experiences to them and then went public, stated she intends to visit the United States and help convince the US government and Congress along with her fellow U.S. astronauts. U.S. astronauts, the U.S. government, and the U.S. Congress have maintained a 60+ year official embargo on UFOs and extraterrestrials. U.S. Astronauts have been officially reticent to disclose and speak out about their personal experiences with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, and the repressive measures the U.S. government has used to ensure their silence.

She discloses her personal experiences with UFOs and her knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence in an exclusive May 23, 2014 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.


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